The Pakistan Institute for Parliamentary Services (PIPS) is a premier institution created to provide quality research and capacity building services for parliamentarians and parliamentary functionaries. The establishment of a sustainable institute for legislative research and capacity building has been a long standing aspiration of parliamentarians and parliamentary staff in Pakistan. The establishment of the Pakistan Institute for Parliamentary Services, PIPS, through an Act of Parliament is a major step towards the realization of this objective.
Strategically placed in the aegis of the Parliament of Pakistan, PIPS is a momentous initiative of the parliamentarians to establish an exclusive centre of excellence with an aim to impact the practice of an effective strong legislature in Pakistan. The interim PIPS was established in existing parliament lodges where it started conducting capacity building events and seminars in a small but well equipped state of the art facility. A dynamic non-partisan team of professionals working in a modern setting, are dedicated to the cause of parliamentary excellence through their mandated services that can prepare our parliamentarians as dynamic leaders in a perpetually changing world.
The Institute continues to provide quality services to national as well as provincial legislators. The Institute is “dedicated to parliamentary excellence,” and looks forward to develop into a centre par excellence through a dedicated team of professionals.


Pakistan Institute for Parliamentary Services (PIPS) envisions establishing a peoples’ representative forum to equip parliamentarians with cutting-edge strategies and tools to perform their representative, legislative and oversight functions effectively and efficiently.


PIPS endeavors to provide high-quality, accurate and result-oriented services to elected members and staff of the Legislatures in Pakistan to promote parliamentary excellence.

Inaugration 30-05-2012
1st BOG meeting at new Campus
1st BOG meeting at new Campus





31 Parliamentary Research Participant's Book English-2014; 12.7MB
30 Parliamentary Research Participant's Book Urdu-2014 14.8MB
29 Parliamentary Values and Best Practices, Participants' Handbook 2014 11.94MB
28 Parliamentarian's Hand book 2013 39.09MB
27 Parliamentary Oversight Questions Participant Handbook 2013 4.74MB
26 Functions and effectiveness of Committees, Participant's Handbook, 2013 15.24MB
25 Advanced Legislative Research Participant's Book October 2012 29.89MB
24 Drafting and Assessing Legislation Participant's Handbook September 2012 18.50MB
Other Publications...


The PIPS team endeavors to work in unison for its sacred mission by following their cherished core values of:

i. Integrity: PIPS faculty and staff are inspired by honesty and truthfulness as personified by the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and emphasized in numerous speeches by the founder of nation Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. The team considers integrity as their primary value so as to create synergy towards their common mutually set goals.

ii. Non Partisanship: Institute’s professional faculty is committed to provide nonpartisan analysis to assist MPs in making informed decisions to secure the national interest as aspired by the people of Pakistan.

iii. Professionalism: PIPS team values its humility to perpetually seek learning new concepts and ideas for keeping themselves abreast with essential skills-set that make them effective, efficient and knowledgeable professionals.

iv. Accessibility: PIPS faculty remains readily approachable to MPs for provision of timely services at their doorstep.

v. Anticipation: Institute team continues a vigilant appraise of national and international developments to accordingly assist MPs through essential technical support in anticipation to challenges and new realities concerning the country

PIPS aspires to set standards of excellence by providing legislators and their staff physical , technical, intellectual and knowledge resources  to conduct research, better prepare for debates, enhance legislative processes and benefit from unparalleled learning environments.


PIPS was instituted under an Act of the Parliament in December 2008. Its predominant objectives are to:

Assist parliamentarians in making informed policies by conducting or commissioning independent research on topical issues;

Conduct professional development and orientation programs for elected parliamentarians and staff of the national parliament and provincial assemblies;

Gather and organize data as well as provide complete, accurate, timely and relevant information to facilitate parliamentarians in their work; and

To maintain transparency and accountability in all its functions;

Provide technical support and various intellectual and knowledge resources to parliamentarians.

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